Concrete Ashtray DYAD - Red
Concrete Ashtray DYAD - Red
Concrete Ashtray DYAD - Red
BHD 33.000


Product Details :

Product : Ashtray
Made in France
Material: Ultra high-performance mortar
Weight : 980 g
Height : 3 cm - 1.2 inches
Width : 15 cm - 6 inches
Depth : 15 cm - 6 inches
Color : Red
Protection : Extra-thick 3mm Felt
Capacity: 2 cigars

Find balance and simplicity with the DYAD by LES FINES LAMES concrete ashtray.
An ode to the spirit of the cigar: the unity achieved between the individual and the product. Aligning soul and matter, inspired by philosophy and architecture.
On one hand, ancient metaphysics gives its name to the product.

On the other, the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetics marries the humility of the chosen material.


The Wabi-sabi is the beauty of imperfect, impermanent and incomplete things called to know the patina of time.

The Wabi-Sabi connects two principles.

The Wabi refers to the fullness and modesty that one can feel in the face of natural phenomena. And the Sabi, the sensation one feels when seeing things shaped by time or the work of men.

Illustrated by the Zen garden, Wabi-Sabi also finds echo in the art of Kintsugi, which consists of underlining the flaws of a broken object with gold.

This is the beauty of modest and humble things. The raw, minimalistic, noble and elegant things.

DYAD are made of ultra high-performance mortar, a designer material that allows playing with shapes, sensations and colors.

Particularly adapted to trendy small architectural or decorative elements with mineral aspect, this material widens the horizon of concrete based products that can now be used to create real works of art.

Every piece of  DYAD is unique, carefully crafted and handmade in Paris, France.

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